Period pain and irregular cycles fixed effortlessly


Did you know that side effects from treatment can actually be positive and desirable?

This happened to one of my lovely patients, Ella. She came to see me for shingles and fatigue which we focused on during the treatment.  However, she’s also had hormonal issues since teenage years.

Main symptoms:
Persistent and chronic shingles with itching
Ongoing fatigue and tiredness
Stress and anxiety, worrying about the future
Difficulty falling asleep because of racing thoughts
Polycystic ovarian syndrome diagnosis
Long, irregular menstrual cycles
Painful periods and heavy bleeding
Excessive hair growth on thighs and abdomen

After our consultation, I prescribed her a homeopathic remedy Calc Carb as it matched her symptoms and the type of person she is. I also added in some therapeutic remedies for the shingles. Usually the best homeopathic prescriptions are those that are individualised to the person experiencing the condition, not to the condition itself.

Results after first month

Fatigue has lessened considerable (often this is the first improvement seen with homeopathic treatment, energy levels go up) and she is feeling much calmer. Waking up and going to sleep is easier now.

Shingles has flared up and is itching more with blisters (in this case I would take it as a good sign that the shingles is becoming more activated as it seemed to be “stuck” in a chronic state. Hopefully it will now clear permanently).

And the surprising “side effect”; no pain before her period which she normally gets. She only experienced some minor cramps during the period.

After three months

Shingles is drying up now and only a small patch left which is great.

Her periods have now become regular and there is no pain at all anymore! She was not expecting this from the treatment and to be honest, I wasn’t either to this extent (because the focus was on shingles and fatigue).

Homeopathy can sometimes produce very surprising and quick results. Everyone will respond to treatment differently, of course, and it’s difficult to predict what will happen in each case. Ella is still enjoying her healthier periods almost a year after the treatment.

Your periods are a measure of your health

Homeopathic treatment has a widespread effect on the person influencing the immune, nervous and endocrine systems. When my patient’s overall health improved during treatment, the endocrine system also responded and started to regulate itself leading to healthier periods. Your body can heal itself, even after years of being “stuck”. The endocrine system is very sensitive and can easily become imbalanced, but I’ve also noticed that hormonal issues usually respond to treatment quite quickly.

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