PMS anger gone after contraceptive detox


Detox is a bit of a cliche word to use, to be honest. But homeopathic detox therapy is on a completely different lever compared to what most people think when hearing the word “detox” (usually involving some restrictive diets or horrible tasting liquids…).

How does homeopathy turn poison into medicine?

Homeopathic medicines are ultra-diluted and prepared in a specific way making them non-toxic. No biologically active ingredients remain but the healing properties are still there.

This is why homeopathy can utilise toxic substances and make them into healing remedies. For example, a remedy called Apis is made from bee’s venom. Or Lachesis, from a venom of a snake.

It has been long recognised that many toxic plants and venoms have healing properties but the obstacle for many herbalists or natural practitioners have been the dosage. How much to give before it becomes a problem for the patient?

The unique preparation method of homeopathic remedies enables them to be used as a powerful detox to remove unwanted substances from the body, by introducing the same substance back into the body but in a non-toxic form.

We live in a toxic soup so detoxing is becoming more important

Any pharmaceutical drug or chemical can also be made into a non-toxic homeopathic medicine, to be used for detox purposes.

Let’s say a person has never been well since taking a course of antibiotics. In addition to giving him usual gut support remedies, I might prescribe them a homeopathic remedy made from antibiotics (which is now all safe, natural and non-toxic due to the preparation method) to aid detoxification of this drug.

Commonly detoxed substances include contraceptives, antibiotics, mercury, aluminium, steroids, vaccines, glyphosate or other pesticides, painkillers and so on.

This is my story of trying out a homeopathic detox for PMS

I like to experiment on myself and try out what works and what doesn’t. This also helps me to formulate ideas that can benefit my clients.

When I was on the contraceptive pill in my twenties I developed quite bad a PMS moodiness. I never had it prior going on the pill. So my conclusion was that these two things were linked.

Ever since I learned about homeopathic detox I really wanted to clear the pill from my system, even after years had passed.

I did an 8-week program and took 4 different potencies (strengths) of a polycontraceptive remedy (this is a combo remedy that includes many common contraceptives).

Healing crisis is a sign it’s working

Yep, detox symptoms can happen with homeopathic detox too even though this method is relatively gentle and doesn’t work against your body.

When crap leaves your body, things can feel a bit rough for a few days. But I  personally like it because it tells me that something is happening!

The first 2 to 3 weeks I didn’t experience much as I went through the lower potencies of the detox remedy.

When I got to the higher strengths, I started to feel very irritable and angry for a few days after each dose. I started to argue with strangers in the shop and all that kind of weird stuff.

I knew it was related to the detox because it was not even close to the premenstrual phase and only lasted a short while, so it was not too bad in the end.

These “emotional discharges” are quite common on homeopathic treatment. Many of us know physical detox symptoms include sweating, peeing and coughing up toxins, but we rarely consider that sometimes our mind also needs to release the old stuff it doesn’t need anymore.

End result – bye bye PMS anger and mood swings!

It’s been about 10 months since I did the detox and I can happily say I haven’t experienced that all-consuming PMS irritability since! My mood is much more stable throughout the month.

Certain negative emotions can become like comfort blankets and anger is definitely one of them.

Now, I think it’s necessary to mention that in the 3 to 5 days leading up to your period it’s normal to feel unsociable and wanting to be alone, and if this doesn’t happen then some irritability can arise. This doesn’t mean that there is something wrong and it needs to be fixed.

You will know if you suffer from real PMS irritability, anger or depression as it can take over your life.

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What symptoms can the contraceptive detox get rid of?

Based on the work of other homeopaths and my own experiences I see many benefits of detoxing synthetic hormones. Both physical and emotional side effects can disappear with the detox if they were caused by the medication in the first place.

  • Improved fertility (makes sense because the contraceptives suppress ovulation and detox can help reverse this effect)
  • Irregular periods (resetting the menstrual cycle)
  • More regular ovulation and signs of fertility returning
  • Depression, anxiety, irritability, anger and other emotional symptoms lifted
  • Acne, skin rashes, migraines and other physical symptoms relieved

The results will, of course, vary greatly from one person to another and the whole medical history needs to be taken into consideration. But hopefully this gives you some food for thought!