Healing PCOS, PMS & period problems naturally and effectively

Hormonal imbalance can come in many forms. Homeopathic treatment is always tailored to your needs.

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Hi, I’m Saila. A homeopath specialising in hormonal health & fertility.

Let me share how homeopathy can help you:

Manage PCOS symptoms

Start ovulating again
Regulate periods
Acne / weight / hair

Get rid of PMS / PMDD

No more mood swings
Feel calmer & happier
Less physical PMS symptoms

Regulate periods

Bring back missing periods
Sync up irregular periods
Kickstart ovulation

How I work and what to expect

The best results from the treatment are seen when we can work together closely with monthly sessions.
This helps me to tweak your prescription along the way speeding up the process.
You can expect ongoing support and effective natural medicine that helps improve your hormonal health! 

1. Free Discovery Call (optional)

Let’s have a 20-minute chat, absolutely free! Ask anything you want.
I will give you an idea of how the treatment can help you.

2. First Consultation via video call

The intake consultation takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes.
We’ll go through your medical history and your current circumstances.
After the session, I will draw up the treatment plan for you. 

3. Treatment Plan

The treatment consists of prescribed homeopathic medicines.
I will also give you customised lifestyle advice.
I might also recommend certain supplements or herbal tonics.
You can order remedies from online pharmacies or buy from local shops.

4. Regular Follow-ups & Support

Shorter, 30 to 40-minute follow-up sessions will be scheduled every 4 to 5 weeks.
These appointments will be used to track your progress and make changes to the treatment plan accordingly.
Free email support and short Skype update sessions between appointments.

Kind words from my clients

“My menstrual cycle has never been more regular and less painful so I’m very grateful.”

“I can’t thank Saila enough for her expertise in treating hormonal imbalances.”

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Frequently asked questions

How long will it take?

It really depends on what kind of issues you have and how long you’ve had them. Everyone’s journey is different. First improvements are usually seen within 1-2 months. Budget for 3 to 4 months of treatment, to begin with.

How does it work?

Homeopathy is based on the principle of “like cures like” and the medicines are chosen to match your unique symptoms. These remedies stimulate your body to heal itself and they are designed to be used only temporarily. The idea is to have you fit and healthy without depending on the medicines.

What happens in the consultation?

We’ll discuss your health and wellbeing in detail, I will ask many questions to understand where your ill health is coming from. It’s all done in a comfortable and confidential environment. Most patients love that for once someone is actually listening to their story!

Where can I buy remedies?

UK/Europe: Helios
US: Washington Homeopathic Products
Australia: Owen Homoepathics
Also local natural health shops or homeopathic pharmacies.