Emotional reasons behind hormone imbalance


Do you believe your unconscious or even conscious thoughts and beliefs about yourself can contribute to your hormone imbalance?

I believe so.

I was inspired to write this article to shine some light on what false beliefs or behaviour models you might have picked up along the way (we all have!) that are preventing you from being the real you with healthy and happy hormones.

Below are some examples of what beliefs/emotions might be behind hormonal issues, taken from both Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life and Inna Segal’s book The Secret Language of the Body. If you are interested in this topic, I’d suggest you buy one of the books. They are great!

PCOS/Ovarian cysts
Holding on to old hurts. Not feeling good enough. Rejecting your femininity.
Hiding your sadness and disappointment. Feeling lonely and unloved.
Conflict with your mother, sister, close female relative or a friend.

Premenstrual syndrome
Holding back ideas because you believe they will be rejected.
Not being listened to. Frustrated, impatient, annoyed.
Feeling trapped, unsafe, blocked, disrespected, unhappy.
Feeling inferior. Denying your feminine energy.
Wanting to be more masculine, to which you attribute strength and power.

Rejecting femininity = hormonal issues?

The most common theme seen in hormone imbalance according to Hay and Segal is “rejection of own femininity”. Can you relate to this?
Is this just a personal thing or a wide-spread issue stemming from our very patriarchal society where women are forced to behave in masculine ways to cope and succeed?

Interestingly, hormonal problems often tend to make women appear more masculine.
For example, those suffering from PCOS often experience hair loss or overgrowth of hair in a masculine pattern and PMS/ PMDD can create masculine feelings of aggression, anger and irritability.

Being too masculine with your approach to a female problem?

What I’ve noticed is that many women are trying to solve their hormone imbalance with a masculine approach. Using only logical thinking in trying to understand what’s “broken” within and how to fix it. Like a mechanic.

The irony is that the female endocrine system is as complex and multifaceted as we women are, so it’s almost impossible to find the exact “weak link” in the body to be repaired. The female body is not linear (which is another masculine concept) but all hormones are interlinked and delicately balanced.

For example, through your research and visiting the doctor you get a diagnosis of hypothyroidism.
“Great”, you think, “now I can fix the broken organ and feel better”. 
You start medication and feel better for a while. Then symptoms start coming back.
While living a busy modern life you had suffered with chronic stress for years before developing thyroid symptoms. But you pushed through with coffee and chocolate bars, you didn’t want to listen to your body and rest. Bills had to be paid after all! 
The chronic stress leads to adrenal fatigue which causes a ripple effect in your hormonal system leading to thyroid symptoms. That’s why the medication didn’t work well. The underlying problem wasn’t the thyroid, but your adrenals.
The hormonal symptoms can almost trick us sometimes, symptoms appear in another part of the body while the problem started somewhere else.

Suppression of femininity through the use of birth control

I’m not a big fan of hormonal contraceptives. I don’t like the fact that it shuts down our own natural hormone production that is part of being a woman.

Hormones make you who you are.
They are the driven force behind your mood, personality, behaviour, attitude, appetite and many other things. It’s not a surprise really that women can have serious mood swings and even personality changes during the monthly cycle if the hormones are not ideally balanced.

When you suppress your natural human hormones with synthetic versions, it can start changing your whole persona. I have heard it many times from women coming off the Pill: “I feel like myself again!”

I’m glad to see many women saying no thanks to the Pill now and embracing their natural cycles.

Reconnect with the feminine side by nurturing yourself

Nurturing is probably the most feminine quality there is. We are built for it. Unfortunately, we often spend most of our time nurturing others, not ourselves.

Are you regularly taking time for yourself without feeling guilty?
Do you always look after everyone else before yourself?
Are you having your needs met?

Nurturing yourself doesn’t have to mean expensive spa days outs or lavish gifts for yourself. It’s more about stopping and being aware of your own energy reserves.

Lock yourself in the bedroom and read a really good book.
Go for a walk outside in nature when the sun is shining.
Think positive, loving thoughts about yourself.
Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done with work, school, kids or life in general.
Spend time, energy and intention on you, no one else.

Take a break and rest, you deserve it!

Use intuition and feeling instead of thinking

Heart vs head, the eternal battle that is so unnecessary.
We’ve been thought by the society to make rational decisions and weigh the pros and cons through logical thinking before taking action. Sometimes it can work to your advantage but have you noticed how these days you can find evidence to support any point of view? And then you’re none the wiser about what to do next…

What if you listened to your intuition instead?
What decision FEELS best?
What action do you feel more comfortable about?
Does your belly tighten when you think of something? Then don’t do it or act on it.

Not trusting your own intuition stems from not believing that you can make the right decisions or that you actually deserve to choose your own path. We often compromise because we think it’s “best for everyone” or because we don’t feel worthy of the things we truly desire.

We women are blessed to have a strong intuition naturally, it’s part of who we are.
So try feeling your way into things and watch it bring you more satisfaction, joy and better results.

Control vs surrender

The masculine part of you will try to control your life and surroundings, while the feminine will surrender and trust that everything will work out. Life becomes easier and everything will flow more when you relax the control a bit and just let go.

Open the door to future possibilities and let good things come to you, instead of spending your precious energy on trying to control the uncontrollable.

Also, we have no control over what other people think about us, how they feel about us, how they behave and what they do. We can only control our reaction to them. Do you let other people affect you negatively?

This was a big liberating revelation for me when I really got it:
No one has the power to make you angry/sad/fearful/worried.  And also, no one but yourself is responsible for your own happiness. Bottom line, stop giving away your power to other people.

Instead, choose to see others in a positive light regardless of how they behave towards you.

Do you feel disconnected from your own body?

Feminine is about connecting with the body. Masculine is all about staying in the head. 

Do you expect your body to function like a machine?
Do you feel your body has let you down?
Do you not like your feminine body or do you wish you had a more feminine body?
Do you wish you didn’t have to deal with hormones or periods?

Any kind of body awareness activity would benefit us. Dancing, new workout routines, yoga, walking, moving with awareness to name a few.

I recently tried some new dance-based workouts from YouTube, I’m not very coordinated at all I figured it would benefit me to connect with my body more. Well, I can’t say it went well but at least no one witnessed it 😀 I will keep trying though.

Embrace the cycles and ride the rollercoaster of emotions

The feminine nature is all about cycles and ebb & flow, it’s not a linear process.
This is best reflected in our monthly menstrual cycles.

There is a cascade of carefully balanced hormones that all serve a purpose. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions are not the same each day depending on where we are on our cycle and that’s more than OK.

If you feel like withdrawing from life 3 days before your period is due, then do that in any way you can.
Follow your instinct; be sociable when you feel like it and be unsociable when you want to be left alone.

Creativity will enhance the feminine side of you

Creativity, in general, will help boost your feminine qualities as it activates your right-sided brain. That’s where your emotions and intuition are coming from as well.

Do you have a creative hobby making art, music or poetry? Do you like taking photos? Do you like baking or cooking? Anything that fuels your creativity will benefit you as a whole.

Women are the ultimate creators in the world. We actually make human babies! How amazing is that. Our whole hormonal system is dedicated for this, to create. Starting from maturing an egg to growing a fetus.

It makes me wonder when so many women are struggling with fertility these days, what has caused us to become so disconnected from our true natural ability to create life?

I hope you enjoyed reading this, I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic. Also, feel free to share with friends & family!

With love,