Detox birth control for better fertility & hormone balance

Are you someone who is planning to or has come off hormonal contraceptives?
Do you or did you experience unwanted side effects?
Did your hormonal problems start or get worse after taking birth control?


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Why Should I Detox Hormonal Contraceptives / Birth Control?

Get rid of unpleasant side effects.
Reading this chances are that you have experienced side effects from taking hormonal contraceptives. Let the detox help reduce the unwanted and unnecessary symptoms.

Find your natural cycles.
Many women go on birth control in teenage years and only come off it when trying for a baby much later in life. Do you know what your natural periods are like? Detox will help establish your cycles as nature intended.

Improve fertility.
If you wish to fall pregnant naturally and have a healthy pregnancy and a baby, the detox can really get your natural hormone production kickstarted after being on birth control.

Balance your moods.
Birth control is quite notorious for causing mood swings, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. This type of detox often has very surprising and positive effects on the emotional and mental health.

Reset your hormones.
The detox process is very gentle yet effective and it helps your hormonal system to reset and balance itself after being suppressed by birth control.

You care about yourself.
Being nice to yourself starts with choosing what you put or don’t put into your body.  If you have taken contraceptives and understand the negative effects, then you might want to detox to have a “clean slate” and a new you!

What to expect from the detox?

Think back, what kind of problems did you experience from taking the Pill or other birth control?
Usually, the improvements will be seen in that same area. It might be physical, emotional or mental symptoms improving.

Reduced PMS symptoms

Kickstart ovulation

Feel calmer & happier

Return to your old self

More fertility signs

+ many other benefits!

How does it work?

Step 1
Book a session

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Step 2

We will have a chat about your health history, current symptoms, and your general wellbeing so I can make a tailored detox plan for you specifically. Sessions will be done over Skype/other system so your geographical location won’t matter.

Step 3
Take remedies

I will send the detox remedies + individually chosen homeopathic medicines just for you to aid the process. (For some countries I might direct you to a homeopathic pharmacy to purchase your own remedies due to logistics).

Step 4
Feel the benefits

The detox program takes 8 weeks during which you might have some mild clearing symptoms and nice healing progress! I will always be a text message, an email or a quick Skype call away to answer any questions during the detox. 

Kind words from my clients

“The Pill gave me terrible mood swings and this PMS irritability was reduced hugely after the detox.”

“After detoxing birth control, I feel great. More like I used to be before!”

The Cost of 8-week Detox and How to Book

Price including consultation and remedies is £80 / €90 / $130
(for some countries you will need to purchase your own remedies)

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