8 natural remedies to reduce stress and balance adrenals


Here I’ve listed a mix of homeopathic, herbal and flower remedies that help keep you calm when feeling stressed. Pick the one you feel most drawn to or one that matches your type of stress and give it a go!

1) Rescue remedy

This is a combination flower remedy mix that helps calm your nerves in stressful or anxious situations. Carry in your bag for easy access and take when needed. It comes as a mouth spray, drops or lozenges.

2) Kali Phos

This is an excellent nervous system tonic when you’ve been pushing yourself too much and overworking. You can take it as a tissue salt or as a homeopathic remedy.

3) Ginseng and Liquorice tincture

This combination soothes the adrenal glands and helps boost energy when feeling fatigued. A word of caution, if you have high blood pressure it’s not a good idea to consume too much liquorice as it increases blood pressure.

4) Aconite

This is a useful acute homeopathic remedy when you feel overwhelming anxiety and even a panic attack. It usually comes on suddenly, you might have trouble breathing or fear that you will die. A good remedy to calm your nerves after a big shock such as an accident or bad news.

5) Argentum nitricum

Feeling anxious about something happening in the future? Try Arg Nit. The anticipation of important events such as exams and appointments can cause stress. You might feel hurried, excited and anxious. There is often a craving for sweets and possibly stomach issues like diarrhoea and flatulence.

6) Arsenicum

This homeopathic remedy works best for those individuals who might be feeling stress and anxiety about health. They want to be organised and have everything neat and tidy. Fear of poverty can cause stress, as well as time management and being on time. Stomach issues or respiratory problems are common.

7) Gelsemium

A good pick for anticipatory anxiety, such as stage fright or doing something that scares you. Great fatigue with trembling and heavy shaky legs. Diarrhoea from the anticipation. Can have a dull and foggy head (and headache). Stress can develop into chronic fatigue.

8) Nux Vomica

A great homeopathic remedy for workaholics. Stress that comes from work or business worries and manifests as irritability, quick temper, heartburn, sleep problems, headaches and fatigue.

+ a bonus: Helios Stress Relief combo

If you are finding it difficult to determine which homeopathic remedy to pick, then try this combo that consists of Aconite, Arsenicum and Arg Nit.

Hope you find these useful. If you have any questions about which might suit you the best, then contact me and I can advise you!